Shoni and the Shiluvari team look forward to welcoming you to the Earth Sense Holistic Haven...

With the exclusive distribution rights of the Moya products in the Limpopo, the Earth Sense holistic haven at Shiluvari Lakeside Lodge is soon to become one of the most sought after havens this side of the Mountains...

With a comprehensive range of products that celebrates the natural heritage of South Africa, Moya makes extensive use of South African fynbos and essential oils, unlocking secret medicinal properties, offering the energy and natural goodness of Africa in its purest form. Aromatic and therapeutic essences of Buchu, Zinziba, Cape May, Cape Snowbush, Cape Chamomile, Lanyana and Cape Geranium are found in every one of the products in the Moya range offering holistic and natural solutions to everyday life issues...

Most importantly, Moya uses raw material of vegetable origin. The products contain no synthetic or harmful substances and Moya is proud of the fact that the majority of the products in the range are 100% natural. To protect the environment, all Moya products are biodegradable, the packaging and bags are all eco friendly. All in all Moya is natural, green and earth friendly and happens to be community friendly too – a philosophy that is firmly embraced and entrenched within Shiluvari’s own philosophy in their commitment towards fair trade & sustainable tourism...

Along with Moya, Shiluvari has devised an array of signature treatments that are designed to take you away completely......into a world inhabited by none other than yourself! We are of the belief that in order to truly find yourself, you must first completely lose yourself! Our list of signature treatments are listed with a brief description of which oils are used and what the purpose of each treatment is. Please allow yourself at least 15 minutes before the start of your treatment to get orientated with Earth Sense and discuss your individual needs with your therapist.

Signature Earth Sense and Moya Treatments

Body wraps                  R300 for 60 minutes
This is an exciting custom made African experience incorporating the healing and therapeutic properties of the seven indigenous Moya essential oils enveloped in a hydrating, nourishing gel base of Aloe Vera and Palm kernel oil. This is complimented by a full body exfoliation with the cape snowbush and rosemary salts to refresh, renew and invigorate the skin whilst allowing the penetration of the body wraps.

Choose one of the following to suit your own specific needs;

Buchu wrap R300 for 60 mins

The Buchu wrap composes a potent detoxifying synergy with phenomenal diuretic & slimming effects. Buchu, known to have a somewhat sharp aroma is blended with other oils such as Cape snowbush, Cape chamomile and lemon which compliment the Buchu pleasingly making the fragrance fresh and invigorating.

Note: Not to be used if you are pregnant!

Restore wrap R300 for 60 mins

With Cape chamomile, Cape lavender and tea tree, the azulene in Cape chamomile has been proven many times to have a healing and soothing effect on troubled skin, i.e. eczema, psoriasis, sunburn & allergies. Lavender generates healthy new cell growth and is also a painkiller. Tea tree is well known for its antiseptic properties. Ideal for use after a course of drugs/medications or anaesthetic.

Zinziba wrap R300 for 60 mins

With Zinziba, sandalwood and geranium, the Zinziba wrap is a natural emollient and has a pronounced softening effect on the skin. Together with sandalwood, it makes a brilliant oil to nourish dry skin. Geranium restores any imbalance in the production of sebum.

Optional extra: Throw in an extra R50 and you can add a mini facial, hair and scalp massage or hand and foot treatment.

Moya pregnancy experience
As woman we all understand the continuous changes the body goes through during pregnancy and with these come the change in temperament! We understand this and have thus created the ultimate tailormade experience for expecting moms...

R450 for all three of the following treatments, one and a half hours in total, or R150 per treatment of 30 minutes each.

Pregnancy Hand treatment
A relaxing, calming and soothing treatment for the hands to maintain their well groomed appearance throughout pregnancy (excludes nail varnish)

Pregnancy Foot treatment
A mini pedicure to nourish the feet, ease swollen ankles and smooth those rough edges
Moya tension alleviating head experience
A deeply relaxing head massage to de-stress the scalp, including specialised lymph drainage to improve the radiance of the face whilst the Moya pregnancy hair treatment oil nourishes the hair and the scalp.

Purifying back treatment R200 for 45 mins

A treatment designed to cater for one of those hard to reach areas, this treatment is designed to cleanse the pores and remove dead skin from the back encouraging a healthy clean and smooth back, whilst the essential oils are used to seduce you into a complete state of relaxation...

With a blend of Cape May, lemon, tea tree and frankincense this rich clay mixture is applied generously to your back for a soothing, detoxifying and purifying effect.

Full Body massages 60 minutes

Our aromatherapy full body massages combines the relaxing effects of touch and smell to ease both the body and the mind. We have selected three various treatments, each one unique with a specific blend of oils to promote wellness and balance your energy fields.

Full Body Stress relieving R320

A blend of cold pressed sweet almond oil with essential oils of Cape Chamomile, Lavender and Ylang Ylang. This is a highly relaxing blend and is also a tonic for mild depression.

Full Body Deep tissue massage R320

A blend of cold pressed sweet almond oil, 
Cape Chamomile, Cape Geranium, Ginger & Rosemary. This is a deep, penetrating blend 
for the muscles alleviating any stress or tension. 

Full Body Lymph drainage R320

In combination with massage techniques, Moya has developed a lymph drainage massage oil which is a blend of cold pressed sweet almond oil with Cape Geranium, Juniper and Patchouli. Drainage of blocked lymph nodes help prevents chronic ailments like sinusitis, headaches and cellulite.

Hair & scalp therapy R200 for 45 minutes

This is a stress reducing treatment which soothes and relaxes the scalp whilst combating the effects of stress and tension and encouraging a healthy scalp. This treatment incorporating 2 techniques, hair pulling which releases endorphins, combating migraines and headaches, and also Indian head massage techniques to stimulate the circulation and to encourage healthy shiny hair leaving you with a sense of absolute euphoria...

Hand & foot therapy R150 for 45 minutes

Our hand and feet therapies are a pure indulgence created to nourish, hydrate and restore vitality to the hands and feet using indigenous Fynbos essential oils in combination with plant and vegetable extracts and oils. Starting off with a refreshing foot soak for the feet, cleaning and tidying up of the hands/feet, an exfoliation of the hands/feet to refresh and revive, removing all dead skin and then followed by the application of a calming and nourishing Cape Chamomile hand and foot mask.  
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